Warmer Weather Ahead

March 28th, 2016

While we love the beautiful spring weather, we know that the heat is right around the corner. Air conditioning in the Tucson summers is a necessity and now is the time to make sure that your system is prepared for the long summer ahead. Here are some tips to help you prepare your system.

Clear Off the Condenser

Leaves and other debris could be blocking your condenser from properly managing the temperature of the refrigerant that keeps your home cool. Take a look at your condenser and clear off any of the debris. This simple step helps you maintains your system and can catch issues that may be affecting the unit before it causes serious problems.

Change the Filters

Changing the air filters helps to keep your air conditioning functioning at its best. Check the filters at least once a month. If the filter is clogged, it is important to change it to avoid unnecessary maintenance issues that might affect the way the unit can cool your home.

Get the Unit Checked

Before you use your unit this summer, have a professional maintenance team check on the condition of your unit. They can look over all of the parts to make sure everything is functioning properly. Yearly maintenance can prevent simple wear and tear issues that might keep you from getting the air conditioning that you need to make it through another Tucson summer.

Russett Southwest is one of Tucson’s top heating and cooling companies. We offer air conditioning maintenance checks and repair services that keep your home nice and cool throughout the summer. To learn more about our services or to schedule your next visit, call (520) 629-9676.