To Maintain Your System, Do This!

August 8th, 2018

To Maintain Your System, Do This!

At Russett Southwest Corp, we understand the importance of a comfortable home and efficient HVAC system.  This is why we offer maintenance plans to help you keep your system in tip-top condition.


Continued routine service on the equipment in your home has the potential to bring you several benefits. Our maintenance agreements provide the convenience and regular maintenance necessary to keep the equipment in your home operating at peak performance.



As a “Peak Performance Service” customer you will enjoy several benefits. Our “PPS” agreements include a twice-yearly inspection of the equipment in your home, typically in the spring and fall, to ensure your home is ready for the summer and winter seasons. Our warranty package provides complete mechanical coverage and offers coverage on all parts and labor for the life of the contract (restrictions apply, existing customers only). Our courtesy priority scheduling allows you to relax and let us call you when it’s time for your service visit.


By performing routine maintenance your benefits may include:

  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Priority Customer Status
  • Priority Service Status
  • Improved Capacity
  • Transferable Agreements
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Inflation Protection
  • Discounted Remodels/Upgrade


Maintenance Plan

Whether you are looking for routine maintenance on the equipment in your home, warranty coverage*, or filter service to keep your indoor air quality at the optimal levels, Russett Southwest has a plan to fit your needs. Regular maintenance of the heating & air conditioning equipment provides you peace of mind. 


How “PPS” Agreements Work

  • Two visits per year for maintenance.
  • Courtesy call for service.
  • Priority scheduling.
  • If repair service is needed, discounts apply on parts and labor, over time charges do not apply.

At Russett Southwest, your comfort is our goal. Since 1947, we have served as one of the top heating and cooling companies in the Tucson area. Our experience means that you’ll get the best service and products for you and your home. To learn more or to schedule a visit, check out our website or call (520) 629-9676.

Keep Cool and Save Money

August 2nd, 2018

Keep Cool and Save Money


Tucson summers and extreme heat go together like peanut butter and jelly. To stay comfortable without breaking the bank on energy costs, check out this strategy.

Step 1: Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Maintenance is vital to keeping your system running efficiently. Regular maintenance also helps you prolong the life of your system and ultimately saves you money by proactively addressing small issues before they become big problems.

Replace your air filters every 1-2 months during the summer months. You can use your energy bill as a reminder to do this. You also want to check the evaporator coil periodically (at least once a year) and clean it as needed. The area around your outdoor condenser coils needs your attention too. Make sure to remove debris and keep foliage trimmed at least 2 feet around the condenser for airflow.

Step 2: Your Cooling Strategy

There are several things you can do keep your home cool without excessively high energy bills.

For starters, invest in a programmable thermostat. When you’re home, keep it set to 78°. When you’re not home, increase the temperature at least a few degrees. You can also take advantage of the cool, breezy evenings and mornings by opening your windows and turning your air off. The use of ceiling fans when you’re in a room allow to turn up the thermostat by as much as 4° without compromising your comfort.

To keep in the cool air in and the hot air out, locate any air leaks and seal them with caulk or weather stripping.

Step 3: A Cool Lifestyle

The temperature inside your home is comprised of many factors. In addition to the Tucson heat, things like cooking and the proximity of appliances to your thermostat have an impact on the comfort of your home.

To keep temperatures down without cranking the AC, limit the heat generation of your appliances. Make grilling meals a regular habit to keep the heat outside. When you do cook on the stove, use the fan on the range hood to remove heat and humidity. Try not to use your washer and dryer in the heat of the day and keep the fan running while showering.

Finally, move lamps, TVs and other appliances away from the thermostat. The extra heat generated can cause the air conditioner to run for longer periods of time.

At Russett Southwest, your comfort is our goal. For more than seventy years, we have served as one of the top heating and cooling companies in the Tucson area. Our experience means that you’ll get the best service and products for you and your home. To learn more or to schedule a visit, check out our website  or call (520) 629-9676.

How Indoor Air Quality Impacts Your Health

July 24th, 2018

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or upper respiratory issues? Do your sinuses bother you constantly? Do you experience chronic headaches or fatigue? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to take a look at the quality of your indoor air.  

The fact is that we encounter pollutants and contaminants on a daily basis in the outdoor air. These contaminants can be tracked into your home. Long term, low level exposure can exacerbate or cause health issues like the ones listed above.

The good news is that there is something you can do. Russett Southwest offers a revolutionary Indoor Air Quality test that identifies and assesses the pollutants and contaminants in your home and offers customized solutions to address adverse conditions.



Russett Southwest Corp is proud to be an industry leader in indoor air quality. All testing is performed by qualified person utilizing the latest technology and applied sciences to the standards, guidelines and acceptable industry practices by recognized organizations. The recognized organizations include but are not necessarily limited to, International Residential Code (IRC) as adopted locally, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), Building Performance Institute (BPI), American Council of Accredited Certifications (ACAC), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. (IAQA).

Visit us online at or give us a call at 520-629-9676 for more details. 

Smart Devices for Your Home

July 13th, 2018


Have you ever wondered what “Smart” products are out there for your home.  We all know that Alexa and Google home are fun to play with and can be a help around the house.  Need multiple timers and not enough devices? Ask Alexa or Google Home to set your timers for you as they can do multiple timers at once.  Let’s look at other smart devices that you may not have realized that yes they make a smart device for that.


For the garden lovers out there, here are a few cool gadgets to help you out.   First up the Wifi Garden Sensor. It will help you track light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture.  It will also analyze your garden for climate and conditions, and give you notifications on your gardens conditions and and weather forecast.  How about watering your garden from anywhere with internet access? Well that make a smart device for that also. Water up to four different areas with this device and it uses your current set up, so no digging to set it up.  It can detect soil moisture and water accordingly or you can set up your own schedule for it to follow.


For safety of your house they make several different smart devices from Smart doorbells with cameras to smart door locks and thermostats.  The doorbells let you see who is at your door from anywhere and even communicate with them without even being home. Drop your car off to get some work done and forget to grab your house key, no problem the new smart locks let you enter a code or use your smartphone to unlock your door.   Some are even capable to sense your approach and unlock for you which comes in handy if your hands are full. The thermostats let you control the temperature from anywhere. These thermostats let you control the thermostat from your smartphone using an app or your desktop. Set up a schedule that works for you and some will even “learn” your home and keep it at the temperature you find the most comfortable.   One smart thermostat has sensors and will turn off the when it senses movement inside the house. These thermostats let you control the thermostat from your smartphone using an app or your desktop.


Here are some cool new devices that are coming out or are already out but you never thought of.  They have a Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector that you simply place near areas that would have leaks, such as under sinks and by your water heater. It will alert you if it detects a leak or if the temperature gets below a desired temp that you set up.   There is a digital shower that will keep your water at your desired temperature and you can stop the water flow for a short period of time. You can set a duration time for your showers which helps you manage water usage. Hate mopping? They have a robot for that.  Smart knobs for your stove top come with smoke and gas detectors and will shut off automatically if it senses smoke or being away from the stove too long.


These are just some of the devices you can get for your home.  There so many more and if you can think of it they probably have a Smart Device for it.

Are You Ready For Monsoon Season?

June 19th, 2018

Are You Ready for Monsoon Season?


The Tucson Monsoon season is right around the corner. Here is how how you can keep your air conditioning system running effectively in spite of the dust, rain, lightning, and wind for the monsoon season.

Change your filters once a month during monsoon season. It’s the best course of action to combat all the dust that is kicked up. Changing your filter is also one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do to ensure a long and efficient life for you air conditioning system.

Did you know that your air conditioning unit is in danger whenever there’s a lightning strike nearby? An electrical surge or strike in your area can impact your system. Your best bet to keep your system safe is to invest in a surge protector. The surge protector absorbs the electric surge before it can even get to your A/C unit.

Keep your air conditioning unit free of debris. Check the area around your unit periodically, especially after a storm and clear away any debris that may be on or around it. This keeps your system working more efficiently.

Take proactive measures to protect your AC system. Remember to turn your AC unit off when a monsoon storm hits near your home. Also, keep a tarp in an easy to access location so you can cover your outdoor AC unit before the storm hits. Keep bungee cords nearby so you can securely fasten the tarp to the top of the AC system.

Keep your AC unit maintenanced.  Having your AC unit maintained yearly (preferably before monsoon season hits) helps find the issues before the monsoon storms help to make them costly issues.  

At Russett Southwest, your comfort is our goal. Since 1947, we have served as one of the top heating and cooling companies in the Tucson area. Our experience means that you’ll get the best service and products for you and your home. To learn more or to schedule a visit, check out our website or call (520) 629-9676.