Thermostat Upgrade Can Save Your Money

March 5th, 2014

A home that is very hot or too cold is not pleasant or energy-efficient. When homeowners leave their homes with the air conditioner running, it makes the environment in the home uncomfortable, and the energy bill will increase. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat is the best option. It is a very affordable solution to home heating and cooling problems. When homeowners use programmable thermostats, their homes will be more comfortable, and the energy bill will remain manageable.

Thermostats With Advanced Features

When the first batch of digital thermostats were offered in stores, they were tough to use by homeowners. Many individuals did not use the programmable settings properly. The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that most homes that have programmable thermostats did not understand how to program the devices. However, the digital thermostats that are available in stores today are much easier to use. Most thermostats have a simple to use display and an optional memory card. Homeowners can have various temperatures for different times of the day.

Energy Savings Info

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners gain the most energy savings when they maintain a consistent temperature in their home for around eight hours. For each degree that is increased during an eight-hour time span during the summer, the cooling bill will reduce by one percent. To gain the most energy savings, schedule the thermostat properly. When away from home, keep the temperature about 10 degrees higher. By using this technique, the energy bill will reduced by 10%.

Other techniques should be used during the cold months of the year when no is home. To lower energy costs, preset the thermostat to adjust the temperatures at night while everyone is asleep. The device should let everyone wake up in a warm environment. This technique lets every remain comfortable at night without increases the energy bill.

Overall, upgrading a thermostat can lower overall energy costs. For more information about thermostats, contact the Tucson air conditioning professionals at Russell Southwest.