Summer Energy Tips

June 7th, 2018

With triple degree temps now making itself known, we are really tempted to to turn down the thermostat to keep cool.  Here are some simple tips to help keep your summer electric bill from skyrocketing.


Close your blinds or curtains.  By closing your blinds or curtains you are actually helping to cool down your house.  Closing them during the warmest part of the day helps keep the cool air in by insulating your windows.  


Raise the Temperature.   Raising the temperature in your house when you are not home actually helps the AC unit to work better.  When you set your thermostat at a lower temperature all day your AC is actually working harder, costing you more money!


Using your ceiling fan.  Using your ceiling fan can help lower the inside temperature of your house by 10%!  Which helps if you are looking to save money and raising the temperature in your house even while home.  


Get an Energy Audit.  If you live in an older house you might consider having an energy audit done.  It can help tell you if you are helping to keep the local wildlife cool! While they may enjoy the cool air you are supplying them, your electric bill and wallet will not.   

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