Signs Your Furnace Needs Attention

December 28th, 2017

The average furnace lifespan is about 15 years. Keeping your furnace properly maintained is vital to performance and longevity. Watch and listen for signs your heater might need a tune up, so you can spot trouble before it shortens the life of your furnace. Here are 9 signs that your furnace needs your attention:

#1: It’s been more than a year since your furnace was checked by an HVAC professional.

To maximize the performance of your furnace it’s important to have it checked annually by a trained HVAC expert. This allows you to catch small issues before they become big problems and extends the life of your system.

#2: You notice water pooling around the furnace

This is generally caused by a clogged condensate line, a problem best left to professionals because it requires a mix of HVAC and plumbing expertise to fix.

#3: You smell gas leaking

If you smell gas from your furnace, shut it down immediately. . Next, open up your furnace, find the gas supply valve, and turn it off. No not light matches or turn on any lights in your home—and call a local HVAC technician as soon as possible.

#4: Things that go bump in the night

If you hear strange noises it may be an indicator that your furnace is in need of repair.

#5: Weak airflow

Weak airflow could be caused by minor issues with fans to more significant issues with belts and motors.

#6: The furnace blows cold air

The most common causes for this are issues with the thermocouple or pilot light, both of which are complex components that need specialized expertise to evaluate.

#7: Thermostat trouble

If you find yourself turning the thermostat up higher and higher to warm the house, it’s a sign that your furnace needs your attention and may be in need of repair.

#8: High utility bills

Another indicator that something is amiss with your furnace is a dramatic increase in your utility bills that doesn’t coincide with use.

#9: Frequent or constant cycling

If you hear your furnace kicking on and off repeatedly, this likely indicates that it’s over cycling, which means it’s running more often than it should be. That’s a problem that may be caused by a clogged filter, improper air circulation, or complications with the thermostat.

The best thing to do to address these issues and avoid further problems is to keep to a regular maintenance schedule. Preventative check-ups are a great way to lessen the odds of experiencing these troubles in the first place.

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