Remodel or Replacement of Heating and Cooling Units

In the Tucson climate, heating and air conditioning for your home is almost a must. If you are thinking about replacing or upgrading your system(s), we are the company to trust. With just a phone call, we will send out one of our expert estimators free of charge. Russett Southwest does not believe in high pressure sales, and would rather through our years of experience, look over your system and give you the best advice regarding your options and pricing to best fit your needs. As an added convenience, we offer several makes and models of equipment to also fit your performance and budget needs.


Repair vs. Replace

If the equipment in your home is more than 8 years old, and you experience a major failure, more often than not it is more economical to replace your system rather than repair it. There are several benefits to you should you choose to replace the equipment in your home. Some include:

  • Go Green with a 410A system.
  • Increase your SEER and lower your electric bill.
  • Upgrade your furnace and lower your gas bill.
  • Take advantage of Federal Tax Credits
  • Take advantage of  Tucson Electric Power rebates
  • Quieter indoor and outdoor units.



Over the last 25 years, there have been numerous advances in the technology and science used to increase the operating efficiencies of heating and air conditioning. Since the middle 1970s, the efficiency ratings of equipment has been steadily increasing. Ratings have gone from 6 or 7 SEER to current ratings as high as 16 or higher.

Our equipment replacement program includes a two step testing program: 

  1. Code Compliance Testing for Permitting. If a home is not tested properly, reliable data cannot be used for the proper sizing of your new HVAC equipment. Code compliance is the minimum standard.
  2. Improved Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Health Risks. The purpose of this testing is to inform you of any enhancements to your home or HVAC system that could improve the quality of your indoor air. You will receive a report inclusive of the findings, recommendations with pricing to install 

This testing process also provides the data needed to participate in the TEP Existing Home Program.

Our Remodel/Replacement department is happy to answer any questions
you may have regarding upgrading. Call us today! 520-629-9676