Questions for Your HVAC Contractor

January 24th, 2018

Your heating and cooling system is more than a couple of boxes, it is part of your home. Your home is like your body, it has many systems that must work together to be efficient, healthy and comfortable.

Before calling a contractor, you should contact the Better Business Bureau and the Registrar of Contractors to check on their work record.

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona:  Phone: (520) 888-6161

Arizona Registrar of Contractors:  Phone: (602) 542-1525


  1. How long have you been in business? A minimum of 5 years is recommended. Also ask if they have a business address.
  2. Will you test and measure my home? Some tests are required for the permit. Testing will help determine if you have problems with your duct system and help properly size the new A/C system.
  3. Do you take a permit? It is ultimately the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure a permit is taken. Under the new codes, the home must be tested for duct leakage and home air leakage and a Manual J load calculation must be done for the proper sizing. If no permit is taken it could cost the homeowner $500,000 or more to have the tests done and get the permit in the future. Having the contractor get the permit at the time of the job will cost you less.
  4. Ask if rebate programs are available from manufacturers and utility companies. Most manufacturers have programs in the spring and fall of the year. Tucson Electric Power has a rebate program for upgrading your air conditioner.
  5. Ask for options. Don’t let the contractor price just one unit. You should compare the cost and benefits of 2-3 different efficiencies.
  6. Ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of equipment. Not every system will meet the needs of every homeowner.
  7. Ask what other work could be done to improve the health, comfort and efficiency of your home.
  8. What are the warranties of the new equipment?
  9. Do you include a maintenance program? Annual maintenance will keep the system operating efficiently and lower your utility bills.


TIP: A good contractor should ask a lot of questions to determine what your needs are. Such as: What are your present utility bills? Have you made any changes to the home? How long do you plan on living in your home? Do all the rooms heat and cool evenly?

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