Name: Tanager Property Management : 02-18-2013Job #:
Address: 4690 N Oracle RdCity: TucsonState: AZZip: 85705
Phone: (520)990-8111Phone: (505)379-3812Email:

We propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary to complete the following:

Rewire Thermostats ($186)

Note: John mentioned that there were missing thermostats. We were able to locate all the thermostats and confirm that they are all functional. Some require to run off of batteries. But we can re-wire them to receive power from the system.

Replace Compressor ($1,787)

Note: 3 of the 7 systems are Split Air Conditioning systems that cool the Offices, Men’s Locker and Women’s Locker. These 3 systems are Straight AC Cooling ONLY. At one point, they were Split Heat Pump systems. All 3 split systems have the original Air Handlers inside (dated 1987), but all 3 outside Condensors have been replaced (dated 2008). If the compressor is to be replaced, the system will continue to NOT heat. All only option available to restore these 3 systems to have both Heat and Air Conditioning, is to completely replace the systems. (Refer to James Gagnon for system replacement quote).

While a compressor replacement is available, replacing the whole system is highly recommended to restore the Offices to both Heat and Cool.

Replace Damaged Ductwork ($899)

Note: We did not notice any leaking ductwork upon inspection. This price is only to replace the ductwork we found to be damaged. Further testing may need to to place to determine whether this is a roof or ductwork leak.

Replace Disconnect ($189)

Note: Unit #5 has a broken disconnect that has been bypassed. The system is currently wired directly to the breaker. We can replace the disconnect to restore electrical wiring to correct design.

Clean Evaporator Coils ($672)

Note: This cleaning will restore systems to a “testable” state. After this cleaning, we test the systems for further issues (i.e. refrigerant levels, airflow rates, motor electrical rates, etc.).

If any of the 3 indoor systems are going to be replaced, this cleaning would be unnecessary and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Air Conditioning Maintence ($798)

This maintenance will determine if there are any further repairs needed after the proposed repairs and services are performed.


TOTAL: $4,531.00



Terms & Descriptions

Service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance above.

Payment Terms

Full payment due upon completion of job.

Submitted By: Adam Chavez


You are hereby authorized to furnish all materials and labor required to complete the work mentioned in the above proposal, for which the undersigned agrees to pay the amount mentioned in said proposal, and according to the terms thereof. The material delivered or installed under this order shall not be deemed a fixture, but shall remain the property of and subject to the removal by Russett Southwest Corporation, until the agreed terms are complied with.

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