Name: Mary Stebbins Date: 07-22-2016Job #:
Address: 8769 E. Desert Lupine PlaceCity: TucsonState: AZZip: 85715
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We propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary to complete the following:

Demolition & Installation


Installation Labor & Materials


Special Services



SEER/AFUEModel #Bid PriceLess IncentiveTotal Price
16.00 SEER 13.00 EER. System qualifies for Federal TAx credit of $350.00Lennox 14ACX-047, 4 ton complete system including EL180UH furnace with high efficient air delivery system. Includes new Zone board with installation.Receives Russett credit of $400 and a TEP credit of $500.00$7129.19$900.00$6229.19 See cash/check option under payment terms below.








Code compliance testing of duct leakage, whole house infiltration rate and proper equipment sizing is included. Equipment sizing is determined by performing a whole house Manual J-8 heating and cooling calculation to ensure proper equipment sizing.

Supply air registers shall be removed and sealing of register box(s) performed to reduce air leakage at the register box(s). Registers removed shall be put back in original place.

The service department recommends you keep the existing dampers in attic space as the motors and damper are a complete assembly. Motor can only be changed by removing the damper which is inside of the ducting system. The ducting system would need to be taken apart to replace. These dampers have a very low failure rate. We have installed hundreds of these and only replaced about five in all the years in service.

Terms & Descriptions

Service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance above.

Payment Terms

5% discount for check or cash full payment. Discount does not apply to credit or debit card payments or financing options.
Balance due upon completion.


Submitted By: Carl Craig


You are hereby authorized to furnish all materials and labor required to complete the work mentioned in the above proposal, for which the undersigned agrees to pay the amount mentioned in said proposal, and according to the terms thereof. The material delivered or installed under this order shall not be deemed a fixture, but shall remain the property of and subject to the removal by Russett Southwest Corporation, until the agreed terms are complied with.

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