Name: Gus (Arcal Precision) Date: 10-27-2015Job #:
Address: 532 W Lester St #150City: TucsonState: AZZip: 85705
Phone: 884-1843Phone:Email:

We propose to furnish all materials and perform all labor necessary to complete the following:

Demolition & Installation


Installation Labor & Materials

Special Services



SEER/AFUEModel #Bid PriceLess IncentiveTotal Price
14.00 SEERLennox LRP14GE042 3.5 ton single stage cooling system with a constant torque speed air delivery. Install new Venstar thermostat. System receives a Russett loyalty credit of $400$6,086.25$400$5,686.25 See cash/check option under payment terms.




Owner responsible for permit.

Terms & Descriptions

Service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on the unpaid balance above.

Payment Terms

5% discount for check or cash full payment.
Full payment due upon completion of job.

Lennox 14 seer $5,401.94

Submitted By: Cody Chadwick


You are hereby authorized to furnish all materials and labor required to complete the work mentioned in the above proposal, for which the undersigned agrees to pay the amount mentioned in said proposal, and according to the terms thereof. The material delivered or installed under this order shall not be deemed a fixture, but shall remain the property of and subject to the removal by Russett Southwest Corporation, until the agreed terms are complied with.

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