Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

January 6th, 2015

178812342How do you maintain your HVAC system? Learning how to properly care for your heating and cooling system is important for keeping it in great shape and saving money on utility bills. Follow these tips to maintain your HVAC system and keep your family and your home comfortable:

Replace Air Filters Regularly

When was the last time you replaced your heating and cooling system air filter? Replacing your air filter regularly is a simple yet highly effective way to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently. It is a good idea to replace the air filter once every 3 months, but you should consider replacing it once a month if you are using more heating or cooling during a certain time of year.

Inspect the Air Vents

Take a look at your air vents. Are they dirty? Many elements can lead to dirt buildup in your air vents, negatively impacting the efficiency of your HVAC system. Use a wet cloth to gently wipe away dirt and keep your air vents clean. Add this to your regular cleaning list for clean air vents throughout the year. Inspecting your air vents can also help you find any odd growths or other unusual developments.

Clean the Evaporator and Condenser Coils

Your heating and cooling system contains many parts that can collect dirt, dust, and other debris—including the evaporator and condenser coils. It is important to inspect these coils 1 or 2 times each year. Clean off any dirt you may find to keep your heating and cooling system in the best shape possible.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Appointments

Even with all of these at-home tips, it is still important to contact the professionals regularly. Maintenance visits are important for inspecting every element of your HVAC system and spotting any problems before they become too large. The right company can help you stay comfortable and save money!

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