Keys to Saving Money in the Summer Months

March 20th, 2014

Saving money on energy costs in the summertime is easier than you think. By following just a few common sense rules, you can reduce your energy consumption and stay nice and cool in your home. Here are three tips to help homeowners save money this summer.

1) Keep the Lights Off Whenever Possible

Keeping the lights off will reduce the amount of electricity that you use while keeping the house cooler at the same time. If you have children who forget to turn the lights off or you have that same bad habit, lights with sensors in them will stay off unless someone enters the room.

2) Use Fans to Funnel Cool Air Around the House

A fan can be an effective tool to reduce or eliminate the need to run the air conditioner in your home this summer. If you live in a smaller home, you can run a window unit and have a fan blow cool air into adjacent rooms. Another idea is to put a bowl of ice near a fan. The air around the ice will be cold and the fan will blow the cold air around the room.

3) Keep Doors and Windows Closed When the AC Is On

Make sure that you have the doors and windows closed when the air conditioner is on. If warm air enters the house, the air conditioner has to do more work to keep the inside of your home cool. That increases energy consumption and increases your energy bill.

There are a variety of great ways that you can keep your home cool without spending a lot on energy costs. If you are looking for an energy efficient way to keep your home cool this summer, contact the folks at Tucson air conditioning company Russett Southwest for an energy audit or an estimate for your new air conditioning unit.