Is it Time to Clean Your Air Ducts?

December 20th, 2016


Over time, air ducts become littered with debris, accumulated dirt and allergens such as pollen, dust and pet dander. Clean air ducts improve the indoor air quality in your home and enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning/heating system, which may lead to a reduction in energy bills.

It is not uncommon for the average homeowner to be unaware of what can be building up in the air ducts of their home. These tips help you determine if your ducts need your attention:

  • Examine your return air registers. If they’re coated with a buildup of pet hair, dust and other debris, it’s time to consider having your ducts cleaned.
  • Pull out the air filter. If the air filter is clogged with dust, then air flow is being choked off. This lets more dust settle and build up in the return ductwork.
  • Have you noticed little wisps of dust puffing out from an air duct every time you turn on your home’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? It may be time for a cleaning.
  • It’s been more than 5 years since you’ve had the ducts cleaned

To determine whether or not your air ducts need cleaned and/or sanitized a professional routine testing is recommended. By taking small dirt samples from your air ducts, we search for any contaminants and allergens.


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