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Indoor Air Quality

Friday, August 27th, 2021








Did you know that long term exposure to low levels of pollutants and contaminants can lead to chronic health issues and in some cases acute health effects? What’s more is that we come in contact with these pollutants and contaminants on a regular basis. Outside our home and inside.

Some of the health issues associated with inadequate indoor air quality include allergy flare ups and respiratory issues. The elevated levels of pollutants can also reduce the percentage of oxygen in the air which may increase the rate of breathing required to supply adequate oxygen to the blood stream.

The good news is that the build-up of pollutants and contaminants in your home, assuming adequate house-keeping measures are practiced, can usually be attributed to things that can be improved like inadequate ventilation, filtration and pressure management.

It’s with this in mind that Russett Southwest Corporation developed a comprehensive process to test, assess and resolve indoor air quality issues in your home. This process is part of our Healthier Home, Healthier You program.

Russett Southwest Corporation, an industry leader in indoor air quality has developed a revolutionary Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test, assess and inform (TAI) program to evaluate the environmental conditions with-in your home and provide solutions for adverse conditions.

Call us to schedule your appointment to have your homes indoor air quality checked!

Top 3 Reasons for Your High Utility Bill

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019


Since its Tucson in summer, a higher than average utility bill is to be expected. But there are other things in your home that may be contributing to your high bill. Besides your air conditioner working harder to keep your house cool, there may be some other factors driving up your energy usage.  Here are 3 additional factors that impact your energy bill:


  1. How well the system is taken care of. Like your car, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to perform at its peak. Maintaining your system ensures that it will run at maximum efficiency which is good news for your wallet.
  2. How well your home is insulated. When the proper insulation is lacking, your heating and cooling systems have to work twice as hard to keep your home comfortable. Take a look at your roof, windows and doors to ensure they have proper insulation.
  3. How often your filters are changed. Changing your filters is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do to help your system operate optimally, yet it’s easily forgotten. Overtime, dirty filters slow your system down and can cause major system break downs. Check your filters at least once a month. Use your energy bill as a reminder to check. Be sure to clean or replace your filters as necessary. Doing so lengthens the life of your system and saves you money.


Russett Southwest is here to help you get the best heating and cooling systems in Tucson. We can repair and service your unit to keep it functioning at its best. To learn more about our products and repair services, visit us online or call (520) 629-9676

It’s Getting Hotter is your AC ready?

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


As the temps are starting to rise is your AC ready for another Tucson summer?  Have you checked and replaced your air filters? How about getting that new Programmable or Smart Thermostat you have been eying?  Keep saying you want to have a professional come out and make sure your AC is running as efficiently as possible?


Filters:  There are different types of air filters you can use and it really comes down to preference.  Washable are low cost and can last years is taking care of properly.  Disposable filters are another option and should be replaced according to the manufacturer and have many different types available.


Thermostats: Programmable thermostats will let you set a schedule that works for your home.  Set it to turn to a warmer temperature when no one is home, why waste the energy air conditioning an empty house, and then set it to cool down before you would get home from work.  The new Smart Thermostats do everything a Programmable thermostat can but smarter.  They can be used remotely with an app and some will even “learn” your home.


Maintenance:  Having your AC maintained can save you money over the long run.  Maintenance of your AC unit can help find the “small” problems before they become “big” problems and cost you thousands of dollars or having to replace your AC unit before its time.


Remember that Russett Southwest is here to help you with all of your air conditioner needs. Our experts will help you keep your system running at its max capacity during its lifetime. We can also help you make decisions on upgrading or replacing your existing air conditioner. To learn more visit us online at or call (520) 629-9676.

Air Conditioning Options: What Works For You?

Friday, January 17th, 2014

An air conditioner is a useful device during warm months. The equipment regulates the temperature of an area to a certain temperature that is set by the user. There are various air conditioner designs. For example, some air conditioners are placed in a window, and others are designed for the ceiling. Electronic fan designs are also an option; electronic fans blow out air and provide comfort.

Air Conditioning Advantages

The main advantage of using an air conditioner is that it makes an area cooler. Also, the unit offers health benefits. Older individuals and children can suffer from heat stoke easily. Because of this, keeping them cool is important. Plants and animals also benefit from an air conditioner unit. Most plants cannot handle increased temperatures. They benefit more in a shaded location or in an area that has a lower temperature. Pets also require comfort; the heat from the sun is not recommended for pets. Pets that have long fur cannot get comfortable when outside temperatures are harsh. An air conditioner also helps homeowners save money. When food is placed in an area that has a low temperature, the food spoils.

Air Conditioning Disadvantages

Professionals think that traveling from a cool area to a warmer area causes illnesses. Some illnesses can be gained easily if individuals remain in an air conditioned area that is closed.

Swamp Cooler Advantages

A swamp cooler is an evaporative cooler, and it functions when hot, outdoor air hits the soaked pads in the cooler. When the water evaporates, the hot air travels from the cool air and moves outside.

When this occurs, the unit lets cool air travel in the home. The air is usually 15 to 40 degrees cooler than the outside air. The unit distributes the air to various zones in the home using ducts or a ductless central location. A swamp cooler produces the same amount of air when compared to a central air conditioning system, and the cost is better.

Swamp Cooler Disadvantages

A swamp heater is best used in areas that have a low humidity, and will not work in very humid areas.

Tucson heating and cooling company  Russett Southwest  offers  Air Conditioning Services and various equipment that keeps homeowners comfortable during harsh weather conditions.

Dryer Vents: The Hidden Fire Hazard

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Clothes dryers are an essential appliance in homes today, but we do not always take the time to realize the importance of keeping dryer vents clean. A dryer vent that is left unattended for a long period of time collects lint and debris, becoming a fire hazard. The dryer’s airflow becomes blocked, and the accumulated lint can catch fire from the heating element. Dryer fires are responsible for thousands of home fires every year, but there are simple precautions homeowners can take.

The lint trap inside the dryer should be cleaned out after every use. Keeping the vent pipe clean is also very important, as this reduces the chance of a fire starting. A thorough professional cleaning of the vent keeps your appliance working efficiently, as well as being an essential fire prevention measure.

If you have clothes that have been soiled with chemicals or flammable liquid, this clothing should never be placed in a dryer. Some of the flammable chemicals may still be present in the material, despite being laundered. You do not want any lint from these tainted garments to end up in the dryer or exposed to heat, so opt to line-dry these garments instead. It is also a smart idea to keep containers of flammable cleaning products away from all heat sources, including your dryer.

Take time to read drying instructions on all items that you launder. Do not put anything in the dryer that contains plastic or rubber, as these items could overheat and ignite. If a garment label states that the item should be line-dried or dried on a low temperature, be sure to follow the instructions.

Check the vent that leads to the outside of your home. Make sure that the outside opening is clear and not blocked for any reason. If you have any reason to believe that your dryer vent is not functioning properly, and you are unable to determine this yourself, call a professional. Having your dryer vent periodically serviced by a professional such as Tucson Air heating and cooling company Russett Southwest can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of your family.

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