Air Conditioning Options: What Works For You?

January 17th, 2014

An air conditioner is a useful device during warm months. The equipment regulates the temperature of an area to a certain temperature that is set by the user. There are various air conditioner designs. For example, some air conditioners are placed in a window, and others are designed for the ceiling. Electronic fan designs are also an option; electronic fans blow out air and provide comfort.

Air Conditioning Advantages

The main advantage of using an air conditioner is that it makes an area cooler. Also, the unit offers health benefits. Older individuals and children can suffer from heat stoke easily. Because of this, keeping them cool is important. Plants and animals also benefit from an air conditioner unit. Most plants cannot handle increased temperatures. They benefit more in a shaded location or in an area that has a lower temperature. Pets also require comfort; the heat from the sun is not recommended for pets. Pets that have long fur cannot get comfortable when outside temperatures are harsh. An air conditioner also helps homeowners save money. When food is placed in an area that has a low temperature, the food spoils.

Air Conditioning Disadvantages

Professionals think that traveling from a cool area to a warmer area causes illnesses. Some illnesses can be gained easily if individuals remain in an air conditioned area that is closed.

Swamp Cooler Advantages

A swamp cooler is an evaporative cooler, and it functions when hot, outdoor air hits the soaked pads in the cooler. When the water evaporates, the hot air travels from the cool air and moves outside.

When this occurs, the unit lets cool air travel in the home. The air is usually 15 to 40 degrees cooler than the outside air. The unit distributes the air to various zones in the home using ducts or a ductless central location. A swamp cooler produces the same amount of air when compared to a central air conditioning system, and the cost is better.

Swamp Cooler Disadvantages

A swamp heater is best used in areas that have a low humidity, and will not work in very humid areas.

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