A Guide to Choosing a New HVAC Filter

February 5th, 2015

repairIf you want your heating and cooling system to function properly, it is important to regularly change the filter. Use the following tips to find the best filter for your HVAC system to help it operate at optimal efficiency.

Change the Filter Once a Month

HVAC systems in Tucson are often pushed to the limit. Since you use the unit so frequently and there is a lot of dust in the air, it is important to change the filter on your HVAC system at least once a month. Not only does this help your unit function at its best, but it can also improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Consider Fiberglass Air Filters

There are many different filter options that help you keep your unit functioning properly. Fiberglass filters are very thin and are designed to protect the HVAC unit. They are also the most affordable option. Fiberglass filters do not improve indoor air quality as much as some other options, however.

Polyester and Pleated Air Filters

Although these filters are similar in size to the fiberglass options, they do a better job of collecting dust. Polyester and pleated air filters can get rid of up to 45 percent of the air pollutants that are in your home. They are more expensive than fiberglass options, but they help you keep your indoor air quality at an acceptable level.

High-Efficiency Air Fillers

True to their name, these air filters can get rid of about 85 percent of the air pollutants that are in your home. Each filter costs about $25, but they can capture even the smallest dust particles to ensure that you have the best indoor air quality.

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