3 Clues that You Need an Air Check

September 26th, 2016


The air in your home is influenced by several factors including the quality of the outdoor air, lifestyle and by your ventilation and filtration system. Here are 3 clues that you need an indoor air quality assessment.

When do you experience symptoms?

Immediate signs of indoor pollutant exposure include headache, fatigue, and irritated eyes/nose/throat. If you are experiencing these symptoms, take note of when and where they are triggered. Have you recently moved into a new home? Have you recently remodeled your home or treated it with pesticides?

What’s the source?

There are several factors that contribute to air quality. Environmental tobacco smoke, also called second hand smoke contains a mixture of over 4,000 compounds 40 of which are strong irritants. There is a wide range of biological pollutants that could hinder your indoor air quality. Bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, pollen and even dander from animals could create potentially dangerous breathing conditions. Dust mites and cockroaches could also lead to significant problems. Household products like paints and cleansers may also contain pollutants. Are these things present in your home? What type of chemicals are present in your cleaning supplies?

How’s the ventilation?

One of the most important factors to identify is how effective the design and performance of your ventilation and filtration system is. A well designed, high performing system provides positive heath effects.

If you interested in learning how to improve the air quality in your home, call Russett Southwest Corp. at 520-626-9676 and ask about our Healthier Home Healthier You program. We offer comprehensive home assessments and customized solutions. Russett Southwest Corp. is an industry leader in Indoor Quality. Your home comfort and health is our priority.