3 Air Conditioning Myths Debunked

May 24th, 2016

Air conditioning myths can cost you in efficiency and energy costs. Check out three of the most common myths-and the facts-of air conditioning.

Myth: To get the house cooled quickly, crank the air conditioner temperature down.

Truth: Central air conditioners are designed to work at a fairly constant pace and then turn off when your home reaches the desired temperature. So turning the temperature way down won’t cool it faster, it just means you might end up with a frigid house if you forget to readjust the thermostat once you hit a comfortable temperature, wasting money and energy.

Myth: An air conditioner is just to cool the air.

Truth: Sure, air conditioners produce a steady stream of cool air, but there’s actually another factor at play when it comes to making you comfortable in the summer. In addition to cooling the air, air conditioners also reduce humidity. Humid air feels hotter than dryer air. This function of your air conditioner is especially helpful during those muggy monsoon months.

Myth: The bigger the air conditioning unit is, the better!

Truth: Size does matter, but it isn’t just a matter of getting a big machine. A properly sized AC unit is one that is chosen to fit your home. This includes factors such as insulation, windows, air leakage, roof characteristics and which way the windows face. Air conditioners that fit the homes they serve may run a bit longer, but they also keep the occupants more comfortable and use less electricity than oversized units.

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