10 Tips to Improve Air Conditioner Efficiency

March 12th, 2013

Energy costs continue to rise and the climate too seems to push thermometers past their averages these days. This combination can make air conditioning Tucson expensive yet necessary. Since air conditioners for those really hot days are required and you have no control over the electric companies, the only other way to combat high electric bills from air conditioning Tucson is to improve the efficiency of your unit and your home.

Here are some tips to help increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and make your home cooler for less cost.

Tip #1 – Clean debris from the unit’s housing and ensure that there is sufficient clearance around it. Leaves, bird feathers and other trash can become lodged in and around your unit. Also, bushes, plants and other growth should be trimmed back so there are several feet of clearance for your air conditioner to operate properly.

Tip #2 – Check air filters to ensure they are clean as dirty filters slow air circulation. If dirty, first try cleaning filters. If that still doesn’t improve air conditioning Tucson efficiency, replace it with a new filter and then clean filters on a monthly basis.

Tip #3 – Ensure that ventilation fins are open properly. These fins are often bumped and closed which restricts proper air flow to your unit. You can purchase a “fin comb” from an air conditioning Tucson supply store to help with this task.

Tip #4 – Make sure that your unit is shaded by either some natural means such as overhead trees or by installing a cover over it to block the sun’s heat. Air conditioning Tucson can be up to 10 percent more efficient if shaded according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Tip #5 – Insulate unit ducts. Energy savings is increased if ducts are sealed and then wrapped in fiberglass insulation. Insulation should be Ro8 with foil facing.

Tip #6 – Increase temperature settings when you are not in the home or at night while sleeping so that cooling is not wasted. You can save up to nine percent for every degree you raise the thermostat during hot months.

Tip #7 – Use ceiling fans. Utilize ceiling fans to circulate cool air through the house instead of leaving your air conditioning Tucson unit fan running constantly. Ceiling fans set on low use considerably less energy than air conditioner fans which should always be set on “auto”.

Tip #8 – Ventilate the attic. Ensure that your attic is properly ventilated as a cooler attic can lower the internal temperature of a house by as much as 10 degrees making air conditioning Tucson work harder. To assist with this, use a box fan as an exhaust to eliminate hot attic air.

Tip #9 – Ensure that any windows facing the western sun are covered with drapes or blinds in the afternoon. Solar shade screens can be used should you desire more light without the heat during those hours. Such screens are specially weaved to block a great deal of sunlight.

Tip #10 – Check your home for air leaks and insulate them. Air escaping from a home can account for as much as thirty percent of additional cooling cost.

If your air conditioner is still not running properly and you aren’t experiencing better air conditioning Tucson efficiency after completing the above tips, it may require servicing by a professional service technician such as can be found at Russett Southwest Corp – Tucson’s heating and cooling experts. Our highly trained and skilled technicians will check your unit or units for proper air flow and coolant levels as well as clean internal coils and perform other repairs if required.

Simply contact one of the friendly and informative representatives at Russett Southwest Corp and soon you will be enjoying fresh and crisp air conditioning Tucson once again!